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See the message below from the Board of Directors on the future of Acts Metro:

“For Everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven… I perceived that whatever God does endures forever; nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it.” Ecclesiastes 3:1,14

Acts Metro has served the community of Lexington/Richland School District 5 for 10 years and helped more than 240 families. Acts Metro has helped families find homes, jobs, new careers, and transportation all while creating a community of respect and care for one another. Our mission has been for families to experience whole life change in these areas: basic needs, social, financial, emotional and spiritual. After much prayer and consideration, the Acts Metro Board of Directors with the support of our Executive Director, Sean Brown, has decided to close Acts Metro July 31, 2019. We had multiple meetings and discussions surrounding the services, and financial stability of Acts Metro and exhausted multiple alternative options.
This ministry wouldn’t be possible without the connections and referrals of our school social workers. Thank you for entrusting us with your families and allowing us to be a resource to them. Thank you for welcoming our services into your schools.
Our Mentors have been the hands and feet of Acts Metro by loving and sharing life with our clients and their families. Thank you for opening your homes, joining our families for the important life moments and being the encouraging cheerleaders needed for our families’ success. Mentors, you have helped mend broken relationships, been the voice of truth in the trials, the moving team, the interview coaches, the helping hand up and the resource to the right contacts. You’ve been the friend to call, the one to be trusted, you’ve been there with the tough medical results and through it all you’ve made a difference in lives and the generations to come. Thank you for your commitments to our clients and families.
To all of our volunteers; through your service of administration, bookkeeping, Food Pantry, Financial Peace coordinators, Empower Run organizers and more, you have been the powerful force of Acts Metro keeping our services running smoothly. Like any non-profit, there is much work to be done and you’ve tirelessly worked behind the scenes and completed the hard tasks. Thank you much for your commitment to our clients.
To our church partners; thank you for your prayers, your financial support, giving us a platform to share our mission, supporting through volunteers, mentors and your benevolence. We’ve always known, if we didn’t have the resource, we could call on you to answer the need.
Without the individuals and corporate donors, these years of community outreach wouldn’t have been possible. You have funded the way to help feed families, keep utilities running, safe cars and tune ups, and counseling for our clients. Your giving has made lasting impacts on families in crisis to reach self-sufficiency.
Special thank you to Truss Link, Craig and Christie Young for your abundant generosity. Thank you for loving our families and mission so greatly to giving so generously your time and money. Lives were changed because your sponsorships gave the means to support so many more families.
Kay Little, you are the face of our Monthly food pick up events. You and your team so carefully organize the pantry and our food, customizing our monthly groceries for families with allergies, dietary restrictions and more. Your sincere care and concern for one of our most basic needs is inspiring. Thank you for your years of service and genuine smiles for everyone. You poured so much into our families with your nurturing hugs, words of encouragement and tireless efforts to provide customized pantry items for each family.
Celia Auclair, you’ve been with us for so many years and your administration work has been a blessing to our staff and families. Thank you for always being the volunteer we can count on to help any way needed. Your gentle spirit welcomes volunteers, donors, families and more as soon as one arrives to our office. Thank you for your kindness and hard work for the mission of Acts Metro.
Heather Crowe, you’ve been the hero behind the logo. Acts Metro came with a mission and a vision and you designed the logo to portray that mission. Thank you for giving your talents by designing the logos, website, graphic design for marketing materials, stationary, business cards and more. The work you gave to Acts Metro for free, is the caliber of an entire team of a large firm. You and your family give so sacrificially to our mission and I know you will continue the mission within your community.
We are grateful to God for allowing us this season of service to our clients. All our efforts have been to reflect God’s love and empower families in crisis move from despair and dependence to hope and self-sufficiency.
As a board of directors, we have had multiple conversations about closing with integrity. The first obligation is to serve the families and they all have a graduation plan in place over the coming months. Our next obligations are to satisfy all financial commitments and service contracts. Then when all obligations are satisfied, we will give any remaining funds or assets of Acts Metro to Sharing God’s Love. We would encourage you to also learn more about their mission and prayerfully consider supporting them. Sharing God’s Love is located at 147 Friarsgate Blvd, Irmo, SC 29063.

Our office closed as of May 31st, and our service to our families will ended July 31st.

Corey Clark
Chair of Board of Directors