Mentors walk with a family for a year providing care and support to the entire family. We expect our mentors to:


Be in contact with the family, by phone, text, smoke signals… it doesn’t matter to us. Communication is essential for empowerment.


Connect with the family face to face. This often happens on the second Saturday of every month during food pick up.

4 Times a Year

We put on Family Fun Nights four times during the school year. This is a great time for mentors to have fun with their entire family.

3 Times a Year

Participate in Action Plan meetings with your family. This is where the mentor and the family set goals together for how they want to grow.

2 Times a Year

Take the family on an excursion of some sort. This may be simply a picnic at Lake Murray, invite them to your home for an evening, or maybe even to a trip to the zoo.

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Trained Mentors – Past & Present

Desiree Allen
Jane Ball
Mary & Tom Beach
Sheryl Bingham
Sean Brown
Don Carter
Lance Cooper
Paul & Tracy Cumbers

Ava Dean
Tammie Donnelson
Tom & Debbie Essig
Nadine Gadson
Rocky & Rachel Giglio
Genia Hall
Jeff Hauser
Art Henriquez

Karina Henry
Art Hoffman
Peter Moyi
Barb Myers
Virginia Nance
Jeff Norris
Akilah O’Brien
Peggy Porter

Sharon Pinckney
Cathy Richards
Roger Ridgeway
Tony Selph
Sandra Smith
Chris & Teresa Stader
Beetle & Debbie Theile