Thousands of families in Lexington-Richland School District Five are living at or below the poverty line, as many as 35%. The working poor are often unable to take advantage of income-based government programs, and are one mishap away from losing secure housing.

We want to raise awareness and help solve these problems. The goal of the Partners in Empowerment Campaign is to raise $50,000 in donations between now and November 30th to be used to sustain Acts Metro and fully fund our advocacy and community empowerment programs.

Two area business leaders have stepped up to co-chair the campaign.

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Craig Young, Co-Owner of Truss Link

“My business partner, David Brent , and I both support Acts Metro. We know our business was given to us so that we could be a blessing to others.”

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Zeke Riddle, Realtor & Broker, Coldwell-Banker

“I’ve been involved with ACTS Metro since 2008, and I am thrilled to help expand the mission of empowering families in crisis by serving as co-chair for the Partners in Empowerment Campaign.”