Acts Metro exists to empower families in crisis to move from despair and dependence to hope and self-sufficiency.

Mission: For our families to experience whole life change in these areas:

Basic Needs

No one is able to look forward in life if your daily needs are not being met. We provide both pathways to local, state and federal aid and we provide supplemental resources so our families can be assured that their basic needs will be met.


Often our families come into Acts Metro feeling alone, with no one to reach out to for support. As we support them with basic needs, we also provide each of our families a mentor. This person or couple will walk with them for an entire year providing care and support to the entire family. We also have social events where families can come for fun and parents can meet other parents in similar life situations, forming long lasting friendships.


Each of our families receive budgeting assistance, regardless how much is coming in, so they can learn how to manage their money wisely. If they are unemployed or under-employed, we assist them in resume writing and job interviewing. We have also provided several parents educational assistance so they can launch their career.


Living in crisis affects the inner person too. Despair damages self-perception and a survival mentality often causes reactive decision making. Hope counteracts despair and becoming goal oriented provides proactive decision making. Often this inner work can only be done in a counseling setting so we offer counseling services for all our clients.


As a faith based organization, we desire all our families to grasp a higher purpose for their lives and get involved in a faith community. Mentors are encouraged to share their personal faith journeys with their families and be a resource for spiritual dialogue. The hope provided by having a personal relationship with a good God can empower us to stand firm in the face of difficult challenges.